The flower is called perfect if the flowers have male

The flower is called perfect if the flowers have male (stamens) and female (pistil) together in a single organ. Such interest is called Flowers hermaphrodite or transvestite. A flower is said to be complete if the flowers have all the main parts of a flower. Four main parts of a flower (from the outside in) are as follows:

Daun saga

Sepal or calyx;
Petal or corolla which is usually thin and colorful able to attract insects that help the process of pollination;
The male genitals or androecium (from Greece andros oikia: man’s House) in the form of stamens;
The female genitalia or gynoecium (from Greece gynaikos oikia: “House of women”) in the form of stigma.

The female reproductive Organ is the carpellum fruit or leaves at the base there are real fruit (ovary) with one or several burners seeds (ovulum ovula, plural) that carries the female gametes) in the embryo SAC. At the tip of the pistil stigma or anthers are to receive the pollen or a pollen. Stalk pistil or stylus acts as a way for pollen to designate designate the fruit.memerahkan bibir secara alami


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