A survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit

A survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) – zarnadi48 – shows Singapore is now the most expensive city in the world to live in foreign workers (expatriates). That’s because some products such as cars and the cost of daily living is higher there than in other countries.

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Reported news station Channel News Asia, Tuesday, March 4, 2014, the results of the survey conducted by comparing the prices of products and services such as food, clothing, transportation costs and household assistant among 140 cities around the world. With this result, Singapore managed to beat two Japanese cities in 2013 that the first and second positions.

According to the EIU, Tokyo and Osaka stepped down from the top two positions because of the weakening of the Yen. Tokyo, which had been the most expensive city to live in, in 2014 had to share sixth place along with Caracas (Venezuela), Geneva (Switzerland), and Melbourne (Australia).

Meanwhile, four of the most expensive cities in the world inhabited Paris (France) who came in second place, and then followed by Oslo (Norway), Zurich (Switzerland), and Sydney (Australia).

Reason EIU chose this year to Singapore in the most expensive city is not without cause. Based on the EIU survey, lion country is the most expensive city for vehicle owners. Therefore, to be able to have a vehicle, applicable rules and high taxes quotas.

For comparison, a car with a brand Toyota Corolla Altis, priced at U.S. $ 110 thousand or Rp1, 2 billion. While the car with the same brand, just sold for U.S. $ 35 thousand or Rp407 million in Malaysia.
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Overall transport costs in Singapore are also three times more expensive than in New York. Even so, the survey did not include the cost of public transport is often used instead of most citizens lion country.

Singapore has also referred to the EIU, the expensive city to buy clothes all over the world. Therefore, almost all shopping centers located in the Orchard Road, a luxury product and are imported directly from Europe.

Not only that, because of shortage of supply of natural resources and energy, the city-state was in third place for most expensive cost of electricity and gas. The size of any house, in Singapore, is much smaller than in the city of New York.

Not to mention the price of the home there is often increased in recent years, in the midst of the invasion of foreigners and the rich to Singapore. However, the EIU does not include the costs for public housing.

Meanwhile, in the opposite position, several major cities in India like Mumbai and New Delhi, instead assessed is the least expensive cities to live in the entire world. The BBC reports, product prices in Mumbai to remain low and not draw the number of income.

Many of the workers in the cities in India are low-paying and then getting used to not be too extravagant. Although they have been subsidized by the government, does not mean they become wasteful.
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In addition to the cities in India, which became the capital Damascus in Syria also experienced the largest decline compared to other cities. Due to the conflict of civil war which is still going on, Damascus duduh fourth cheapest city in the world to live.

A similar survey was also conducted by Mercer agencies to find out the most expensive city inhabited by expatriates. The results in the year 2013 yesterday, Mercer put the city of Luanda, Angola is a city that makes wallets expats become thin because the cost of living there is high.

Therefore, to be able to find a safe place to stay there is quite difficult. Not to mention the prices of imported food there too expensive.


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